Environmental Signage Denham Discovery Trail

Wayfinder Signs

Working in tandem with design company Wayfound, Momo Visual was brought into this project as a signage consultant for a wayfinder signs system for the new Denham Discovery Trail. A complete set of signage panels was produced to follow the trail providing directional information while also showing historic information as you pass through the trail. Using materials that would suit weather conditions on the foreshore Anodised Aluminium panels were used with the information printed onto the panels and then clear coated for added protection.


  • 1.6mm thick Anodised Aluminium panels with UV stable printed inks
  • 2Pac clear coat

Challenges Overcome:

Printing images directly onto panels and making sure they would have the lifespan and strength to deal with the elements was the biggest hurdle here for these wayfinder signs. Installing panels also was important – fixings that did not rust or react with those anodised Aluminum panels had to be thought through and implemented to ensure finish was maintained and lifespan kept in tact.

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