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Commercial Building Signs for Airflite

Situated at the Perth Domestic Airport, Airflite needed commercial building signs and contacted us after an unsatisfactory experience with an alternative supplier. As a brand new facility, this building required both small and large external building signage to assist vehicular traffic movement, enable their clients to locate specific departments, and remember where they parked! Internally we needed to find a solution to identify the individual rooms and offices that both communicated the first class feel of the facility without appearing pretentious.


  • Large Exterior Signage made by fabricating Logos using acrylic with returns of 100mm, then spray painted in corporate colours.
  • Large Exterior Illuminated Signage made by fabricating Logos using acrylic with returns of 100mm, LED lighting systems and computer cut vinyl graphics to the face.
  • Hangar signage hand painted and sign-written directly to the wall.
  • Externally, fabricated directional and room signage made using ACM panels painted and router cut to shape, with computer cut vinyl graphics then profile mounted on the wall.
  • Internally, we laser cut 6mm thick clear acrylic panels and applied computer cut vinyl to these also with identifying room names as applicable.

Challenges Overcome:
Simply put, the large exterior commercial building signs were big. Transporting and installing these monsters was a task in itself, especially given the signage was painted offsite and needed to be handled with the utmost care. Utilising an 80 foot cherry picker and working within a high security area, it was vitally important that all safety measures were adhered to, as well as all the permits for equipment and site conditions strictly obeyed. The signage also needed to be installed in conjunction with Electrical Contractors in order to supply power to the illuminated signage.

I approached Patrick at Momo Visual for a corporate signage requirement that included large scale exterior signage, directional signage and interior signage among other things.

Within three days Momo Visual had achieved what other contractors had failed to do in three months, which was to illustrate their expertise and professional opinion in a proposal without deviating from the intent and spirit of the client brief. This was achieved because Patrick listened carefully, took an interest in what the desired outcome was, and sought to deliver a signage solution that tied in with our corporate image and branding requirements.

Given our location there were some approvals that needed to be attained for signage, and Momo Visual assisted in the completion of those applications to ensure the proposed solution could be approved and installed. This also influenced the installation, as the install team required certain approvals and even had to navigate around our operations for the installation of some signage. This was achieved without incident, the signage being installed as planned and promised without delay.

The final result gave life to the exterior of our building, and the quality of work is certainly evident. The signage is connected and integrated with our building design and corporate branding, it is functional in the ways I expected and it has already attracted attention and positive feedback from other industry members.

Pricing was also very competitive, and in this instance cheaper than comparative quotations.

Overall it has been a pleasure dealing with Momo Visual. Having contractors that possess the necessary expertise and product quality, who interpret and understand the requirements, who act with urgency and who deliver as promised is rare and valued gift. I will certainly use Patrick and the team at Momo Visual for future requirements and recommend that anyone considering their signage needs does the same.

Kristian Constantinidis
Business Development Manager, Airflite Pty Ltd

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