Environmental Signage Momo Visual Headquarters

Business Signs

This is our new business signs warehouse facility in Wangara. Purchasing a concrete box we fitted out the premises to best suit a sign making company. I really wanted an old worn out earthy and bare warehouse feeling so used a multitude of different signage and printing applications to give this appearance to what was a brand new building while maintaining our brand integrity. This also enables us to show off what we can do in terms of internal and external applications.


  • External – Illuminated fabricated acrylic logo
  • External – illuminated machined ACM
  • 2Pac clear coat

Challenges Overcome:
Printing images directly onto panels and making sure they would have the lifespan and strength to deal with the elements was the biggest hurdle here for our business signs. Installing panels also was important – fixings that did not rust or react with those anodised Aluminum panels had to be thought through and implemented to ensure finish was maintained and lifespan kept in tact.

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