Environmental Signage Frasers Property Group – Queens Riverside

Apartment Building Signs

Environmental design company Design Collision were engaged for this award winning project. Having a budget they were given a brief and Momo was able to help them come up with a building signs solution to best fit the budget and look of signage required as a standard throughout 3 buildings. The clever use of metallic finish aluminium composite panels enabled a cheaper but still stylish version of the main entry statement signage panels which is where most of the budget went. Momo Visual won a Silver medal for this project at the ASGA national awards event held bi-annually in Sydney in the Wayfinding and Directional category.


  • Fabricated stainless steel in multiple finishes
  • Illuminated & non-illuminated
  • 2Pac clear coat
  • Router cut 3mm ACM in various applications
  • Computer cut self adhesive vinyl

Challenges Overcome:

Premium finish building signs at a budget cost. Budget is usually a dirty word but in this case we were offered a budget and told we needed to fit within it. Knowing what we had to spend and where the client wanted most of it spent knowing the amount helped us come up with premium finish illuminated entry signage as the show piece to each building and then a solution for a simpler version of the entry signs for directional and apartment numbers.

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