Corporate Signage BMT GROUP

This job involved a good mix of visual aspects through reception signage and branding incorporated into the window film frosted glass designs for office BMT GROUP. Habitat 1’s usual attention to detail in regards to interior design and high end finish complemented the artwork supplied by Evolve Design. This job is a good example of Momo Visual’s ability to work with several different companies from interior design through to branding and the build to get the desired result for the client. Frosted dlass designs for office was by Habitat 1.

Signage Materials:

  • Full colour digitally printed frosted glass filmwork was applied to the glazing throughout reception and workspace areas.
  • Router cut and 2 pack finished acrylic logo and lettering for reception counter

Challenges Overcome:

Making sure everyone is happy with output was a challenge through this signage project. With so much digitally printed signage graphics Momo spent a lot of time playing with colours and printer profiles to make sure the correct branding as well as colours were shown after the signage printing had been completed and installed. As the film is semi transparent, lighting in each area would effect the colour output so many samples had to be done to make sure everyone was happy.

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