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Forty Winks is one of the larger trusted brand names throughout Australia, so approaching a head office team based in the eastern states was a potentially daunting task. Discussions were held with the General Manager and State Manager for WA, and one of their stores was then identified for revision. After a totally satisfactory completion of the Brand update, it was decided that Momo Visual would be the signage contractor for all stores throughout Western Australia. A total 10 stores were completed within a 5 month period using flatbed technology onto Aluminium Composite panels.

After a short period, the Forty Winks brand was further refreshed and again Momo Visual as the signage contractor was engaged to come up with a solution. As seen within the gallery, several solutions were floated with the client and each individual store was able to select their preference depending on the suitability to their situation. The Stores are rapt with the results and we will be completing the remaining stores in the first quarter of 2013.

There are 3 different solutions based on the suitability of install to the individual store.

  1. Fabricated steel framework clad all sides with painted ACM panels and conceal fixed with a 25mm thick router cut logo is adhered to the face of the signage. This is the preferred option if the stores space for signage is available.
  2. Painted walls and direct fix the 25mm thick logo directly to the wall. A great option when there is a large open area for the store to maximize their signage presence.
  3. Fabricated + Illuminated Signage whereby a painted ACM sheet background is router cut to fit fabricated acrylic signage and then illuminated with LED lighting systems. One store specifically had a clause in their rental agreement requiring them to supply and install illuminated signage and we were more than happy to help.

Challenges Overcome:
In the initial project, we were given the measurements to work with to reduce the cost to client of site measures throughout the state. Unfortunately not all of these were up to date accurate particularly in regional areas, so onsite adjustments needed to be made.

The current roll-out of signage is significantly greater in scale so a number of Hiab type cranes have been engaged to both transport and install the panels. Being a busy commercial environment, the appropriate coordination of the installs around convenient times for the store has been a challenge for both parties but one we are glad to have overcome as the signage contractors.

“Our thanks for completing the signage of our new stores ahead of schedule; the management of Forty Winks and our franchisees are very happy with the finished product.”
Jim Kearney
State Manager – WA & QLD

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